About Pickvogel

We Know Recruitment

We See a World Where Companies and Top Talent Are Brought Together With the Highest Level of Transparency and Success.

At PICKVOGEL, we are on a mission to revolutionize the recruitment process. As a company, you can rely on PICKVOGEL to provide the talent you've dreamt about. As a job seeker, you can navigate the job market with a confidence that matches your talent. We want you to empower you to ditch the conventional methods of placement and benefit from our digital innovation.

Built on Innovation

Pickvogel uses a custom designed algorithm to create vibrant matches between talent and companies. This technology is proprietary and only available through Pickvogel.

The design of Pickvogel's database and matching criteria outpowers the competition, making it possible for job and talent searches to turn into viable connections.

Driven to Be Revolutionary

Our recruitment experts have extensive experience in talent placement. With first-hand knowledge of traditional recruitment services, they are moving the industry into a revolutionary phase with Pickvogel's fresh approach.

At Pickvogel, our focus is on timely, cost-effective and meaningful matches that empower talent and companies.

Working for Your Success

While Pickvogel uses special technology to drive the recruitment process, we are also a dedicated team of advisors readily available to assist job seekers and companies to find the best matches. Instead of focusing on our 'sales', we are committed to your success.

We are working for you, whether you are looking for your next career move or for your next great employee.

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