Pickvogel GmbH - Impressum

Enterprise Identification Number UID: CHE-376.882.156
VAT number: CHE-376.882.156 MWST

Swiss and cross-border recruitment company (AVG):

Permits for international and domestic placement (based on Art. 2 and 3 of the Federal Act on the Placement of Employees and Personnel Hiring).

Issued by the Office for Economy and Labor of the Canton of Zug and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

Bank details:
ZKB (Zürcher Kantonalbank)
CH59 0070 0114 8038 5529 1

Seat of corporation:

Commercial Register:
Canton of Zug

Postal Address
Dorfstrasse 16
6340 Baar


Intellectual property rights

Pickvogel has the exclusive rights to all copyrights, trademark or other neighboring/related rights to the website that Pickvogel makes available. Pickvogel is the exclusive owner of the rights to all contents of the service and website. The content is protected by national and international law and particularly by copyright. The unauthorized copying, dissemination, deletion or any other violation of intellectual property rights and copyrights of Pickvogel are prosecuted under both civil and criminal law.

These rights are unrestricted in terms of place, in terms of time, and not transferable. Pickvogel has obtained the relevant exploitation rights for third party rights.

Except in the cases permitted by law, it is prohibited to change, duplicate, decompile or translate Pickvogel's source code. It is forbidden to use the website for purposes other than those offered by Pickvogel. Nor is it permitted to activate functions on the website not already activated, to transfer the rights of use to any third party, to allow third parties unauthorised access to the personnel recruitment service offered by Pickvogel, or to remove, modify or conceal references to Pickvogel's lawful neighboring rights.

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